Delete data in the RTDB.

This directive gives the user a way to delete simple entries from the database. The general form of the directive is as follows:

UNSET <string name>[*]

This directive cannot be used with complex objects such as geometries and basis sets. Complex objects are stored using a structured naming convention that is not matched by a simple wild card. A wild-card (*) specified at the end of the string <name> will cause all entries whose name begins with that string to be deleted. This is very useful as a way to reset modules to their default behavior, since modules typically store information in the database with names that begin with module:. For example, the SCF program can be restored to its default behavior by deleting all database entries beginning with scf:, using the directive

unset scf:*

The section on fragment guess has an example using unset on a water dimer calculation.

The following example makes an entry in the database using the SET directive, and then immediately deletes it using the UNSET directive:

set mylist 1 2 3 4   
unset mylist