ECCE/ebuilder not running on Ubuntu 14.04 VM on Mac

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I haven't installed the full ECCE package, just the builder, and I receive the following error when I invoke the ebuilder command (after commenting out "setenv ECCE_NO_MESSAGING"):

Assertion (infile.good()) failed Could not open /home/gavinjones/.ECCE/ubuntu_:0

The .ECCE directory only contains the files: EcceGlobal, MyAppColors and PerTable. I don't see a ubuntu_ file

Can anyone enlighten me on what the problem might be?

Thank you,

Machine Specs:
Ubuntu 14.04 running on Parallels 10 for Mac
Intel Core i7-4850HQ CPU @ 2.30 GHz x 2
NVIDIA GEForce GT 750M OpenGL Engine
64 bit

ECCE builder version 7.0

Gets Around
I don't know, and I'm not an expert on these things, but whenever I see a :0 I immediately suspect that it's related to X11.

Either way, as can be seen in previous threads on this forum, the first course of action -- and the one that's most likely to solve the issue -- is to compile ECCE on the machine you intend to run it on.

For compiling ECCE on debian wheezy, see e.g.
Note that on Jessie you will need to address the freetype2 issue -- see the last post of this thread,, and this messy blog post:

I suspect Ubuntu 14.04 is more similar to jessie than wheezy, given that the freetype issue popeed up in ubuntu 13-something-or-other.

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