Community development of ECCE -- it's happening (slowly)

Gets Around
It's still early days, but we're working on setting up a github repository for ECCE. In addition to supporting development of the code it also contains precompiled binaries for a few different linux distros.

The code is found at [1]

Please do read [2] first

Please do not post any requests for help at the github site -- do that in this forum instead.

Gets Around
In case you haven't had a look yet, development of ECCE is progressing quite rapidly. See for a list over recent releases and binary builds that can be downloaded (centos 7, ubuntu 16.04, debian 8 and debian 9).

The more people that use ECCE, the more feedback we can get, and the more bugs can be fixed and new features can be added, so go download a pre-built version of ECCE and have a look.

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