use maintenance versions (6.6.1, 6.6.2) for critical patches

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The current 6.6. version lists 17 patches to be applied by users to fix various major issues.
6.5. also has 17 distinct patches to be applied. It is not undoable, but certainly not the ideal way.
I think this could be improved by introducing maintenance versions (i.e. 6.6.1).
I understand that NWChem uses SVN, yet i think one could apply a similar developing model to Gitflow Workflow .

One could probably do it the following way with SVN:

-->patch1 -> patch2 -> patch3 (6.6) -> patch4 -> patch5 -> patch6 (critical bug) -> patch7 ->...
                              --> patch6 (6.6.1)

i.e. keep track of [major.minor] revision branch with critical fixes applied without the whole development going on in master.

Also see these Stackoverflow questions for a suggestion on how to do it with SVN:


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Thanks for the feedback

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