ECCE and SLURM batch system

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Our supercomputer administrators have recently switched from PBS to SLURM. For now they are supporting PBS submissions to SLURM, but do not know their long-term plans for it. How difficult is it to add a new queueing system? Where do I find the scripts to make it happen?

Matthew Asplund

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Follow-up to my own post
I have edited the QueueManager file to create a new SLURM set of commands, but I am mostly not certain if I have to edit something to make parsing the output data from the SLURM commands work.

Matthew Asplund

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let me know how it goes. I'm (slowly) working on setting slurm on my cluster (debian jessie doesn't package SGE anymore) and will try to get ECCE working with it.

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I've set up slurm on my cluster and have configured ECCE to work with it. See here: [1]

It works, but can probably be improved upon.

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I actually edited the file to add explicit support for SLURM by adding the lines to the file

172 SLURM {
173 #SBATCH --time=$wallTime
174 #SBATCH --ntasks=$totalprocs
175 #SBATCH --nodes=$nodes
176 #SBATCH -C 'avx'
177 #SBATCH --mem-per-cpu=4096M
178 }

I am still having problems with job monitoring, so I will try putting your changes to eccejobmonitor to my installation.

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the key to getting the job monitoring to work is to edit apps/scripts/eccejobmonitor
Beware that $q contains the name of the queue manager in lower case, regardless of how you've defined it in QueueManagers

Other than that, it was pretty straightforward (setting up SLURM itself was a bigger challenge), and I've been using it for day and a bit now without issue.

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So, I stopped playing with this, but am getting back to it. My problem right now is that I am getting an error "Unable to parse job id. Cannot monitor job." when I submit things. Now, when I run the sbatch command to submit a job, it returns output "Submitted batch job 9488438" (or whatever the job ID is). I tried writing a wrapper script to reduce the output to just the job id, but that didn't help. Is there a way to track what is actually happening during the submit process? I tried setting the ECCE_DEBUG and ECCE_RCOM_LOGMODE but that just outputs the ssh communication.

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Add a
#SBATCH --output=slurm.out

line so that messages get logged.

I read it as submission failing i.e. the jobs never run?

Log onto the submit node and run the submit_xxxxxx file manually. See what happens and if it runs. You might be able to narrow it down to either communication issues or something to do with slurm.

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Actually, the jobs submit and run just fine, but I get an error
ERROR: Unable to parse job id. Cannot monitor job.
WARNING: Launch aborted...

So, it is in the submit step that things are failing.

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