Mingw32 compilation - attempt two

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Gets Around
So successful compilation came out to me:

1. MinGW can be installed using a semi-automatic tool mingw-get-setup.exe 
We need basic MinGW installation (Basic Setup) plus pthreads-32 of "All Packages". 
Msys required.

2. Installation does not writes the path to "C:\MinGW\bin". 
It is necessary to do it yourself, as well as remove all the paths 
to the others UNIX installations if any. 

3. When we first start  "msys.bat" a folder "C:\MinGW\msys\1.0\home\<user_name>" 
created where we should unpack the NWChem archive, and place a copy of the MPICH2 folder.

4. The name of the distribution folder should be reduced to "Nwchem-6.5".

5. It is necessary to put a patch in a folder "Nwchem-6.5\sys" and apply it: 
 cd $NWCHEM_TOP/src
 wget http://nwchemgit.github.io/images/Util_md_sockets.patch.gz
 gzip -d Util_md_sockets.patch.gz
 patch -p0 < Util_md_sockets.patch 

6. Compilation made from Msys console by:
 export NWCHEM_TOP=~/nwchem-6.5
 export USE_MPI=yes
 export MPI_LOC=~/MPICH2
 export MPI_INCLUDE=$MPI_LOC/include
 export MPI_LIB=$MPI_LOC/lib
 export LIBMPI="-lfmpich2g -lmpi"
 export NWCHEM_MODULES=all
 export DEPEND_CC=gcc
 cd $NWCHEM_TOP/src
 make nwchem_config
 make FC=gfortran DEPEND_CC=gcc