What is the keyword in NWCHEM to calculate reorganization energies

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Dear All
Since 2016 or perhaps 2014, GAMESS has added the function to calculate reorganization energies of ET and proton-coupled ET reactions, published, respectively, until 2014, where one of the two necessary steps may fail on an old cpu, in the cases of electrode plus solvent, electrode plus self assembled monolayer and solvent, electrode plus double layer and ionic solution, and homogeneous solvent, respectively, which also has an equivalent Python program. This original program were contributed to GAMESS by Profs. and Drs. previously in the world-wide famous Department of Chemistry of University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and evaluated aassembled into the existing solvation module of gamess by Profs and Drs. in Prof. Gordon's Group and Ames Laboratory. According to the authors' paper on SAM monolayer modified electrodes, they can produce total reorganization energies in good agreement with experimental data for all 12 metal complexes tested in aqueous solution, useful for molecular electrocatalysts electron transfer rate constants calculation.

It is said in the NWCHEM manual that it also can calculate reorganization energies, but I cannot find any keyword or example about this.
How to do it in NWCHEM?
Thanks a lot!

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